Gluten Free Meeting This Saturday, March 16th at 11:00 a.m.


Join me this Saturday March 16th at 11:00 a.m. at Healthy Habits in Orwigsburg.  We will meet to share gluten free recipes, talk about products, give support and of course eat!   And it’s all free!

Their website is:

The address is 1120 Centre Turnpike, Orwigsburg, PA 17961

Phone 570-366-2620

Have an awesome day and hope to see you there!

Come on Over…Saturday February 23 at 11:00 a.m. It’s Free and there will be food!

The Gluten Free Clan is so excited about being at Healthy Habits Natural Market tomorrow, Saturday February 23rd at 11:00 a.m. For our first gluten free support group.   Come on out for a great time!  It’s FREE and there’s FREE food too!!  You can’t get any better than that 🙂

The address is 1200 Centre Turnpike, Orwigsburg, PA 17961 and their number is 570-366-2620  Healthy Habits Natural Market Healthy habits storeHealthy Habits

We will have fun sharing recipes, talking about products. And lots of support talking about our trials of living gluten free the good and the ugly.  So if your not doing anything around that time stop in for a while and see us.  Should be an awesome time of fellowship!

See you then and as always have an awesome day!   Check us out on Facebook at The Gluten Free Clan Page 🙂

Just our goofy family!

Hi there!  I feel likes it has been forever since I have blogged.  These past two weeks have been a whirlwind!

Right after my last post I was preparing to get away for a weekend for some much needed quite time with the Lord and quite time with great friends.   It was an amazing weekend.  So much laughter, aha moments and of course lots of pranks!  Here’s a picture of our snowman that was made Icy Bob is what we named him.

Icy BobYes he’s supposed to be upside down.  My friends Yvonne and Jess made him.  He later was turned into a prank which led to an all out snow ball attack.  Poor Bob!

Upon returning home to my family we reaped the benefits of about 8 inches of snow.  Out to my Mother in-laws for some sledding we went!  She has some great hills.

13091_10200156114521449_892555557_n Jenna and Zach climbing back up the hill 28909_10200156113001411_985468755_n 539648_10200156115161465_1753501826_n

The kids had a blast!  Of course with our silly family, sometimes I think we are more childlike then our own children.

Speaking of being silly, my sister in-law makes up silly games to pass the time away with the kids, she is a lot like my late Father in-law when it comes to that.  He had such a neat imagination, give the man very little and he would make so much from it.  Well what do you do with a broken piece of elastic rope and a recliner?  You turn it into a ride of course.  Here  is what happens at my mother in-laws house when she leaves, well not always sometimes when she is there too 🙂  The kids called it the “Whip It Ride”

Lisa and the kids on The Whip it Chair ride!You tie the big piece of elastic rope around an adults ankles and then another adult or two, my husband and his younger sister each grab and end and start spinning the chair around and around and around.  You should have heard the kids laugh and my sister in-law scream!  Too funny.  Some of us just grow up slower than others but in this case I am sure that our kiddo’s appreciated it!  I don’t know about my mother in-law…I think she laughed too once she saw the pictures 🙂  We do have a video of this adventure but I couldn’t get it too post if I can later I will certainly put it up 🙂

After returning home from this very fun filled, interesting afternoon I was just so tired, nothing a good nights rest in my own bed won’t fix.   Well maybe?

The next day I woke up still not feeling 100% but I got back in a groove.   Got the house back to semi order after being away all weekend and it was life as usual well not quite, some great things I learned from the retreat I brought into this new week. But as the next day came it all hit a wall!  A very unexpected grumpy miserable guest came to visit, Mr. Flu!  He not only visited with me but he stayed a while and hung out with my husband, agh!!!  Needless to say as I write I am still not back to 100%  but I am on the brighter side of things and I will gladly take that.


In between all that and now we celebrated our son’s 21st birthday.

Tyler 21 and Jenna with bday cake

Tyler came home from college for his birthday dinner.  It was the same as last year.  Lasagna, a yummy green salad, buttered bread and Tiramisu for his birthday cake featured here with his sister who may I say had an extra case of the giggles that afternoon.

I always let the kids request what they want for their birthday dinner and that is what we have and celebrate.  This year was a milestone for Tyler 21 ah…I remember those days.

We were so fortunate he actually came home Saturday afternoon and stayed over till Sunday.  He sister just loves when he is home.   She misses him so much when he goes back to college.  I don’t know how much he enjoyed our company being sick and all it doesn’t always make for the best company even the best of us can be extra grumpy, present company included!Jenna on Tyler's shouldersThis is Tyler getting some gluten free mac and cheese with a little bit of Jenna on his shoulders 🙂

With the beginning of this week I am hopeful that things will make their way back to normal or maybe even better!  This coming Saturday, February 23rd at 11:00 a.m.  The Gluten Free Clan will be hosting a support group at Healthy Habits Natural Market.  We will talk about living the gluten free life, products, recipes the ups and the downs of it all.  I also hope we can share a lot of laughter!  If you would like to join us just come on over, it would be wonderful to meet you!

The address is

Healthy Habits Natural Market

1120 Centre Turnpike, Orwigsburg, PA 17961  Phone is (570) 366-2620

Hope to see you there and as always I hope this post about our crazy sometimes very dysfunctional family made your day a little bit brighter!


John 3:16



Gluten Free Support Group Starts on February 23rd!!

Healthy Habits Natural Market

The Gluten Free Clan is so excited that Healthy Habits Natural Market in Orwigsburg has asked us to facilitate a Gluten Free group. This group will start on February 23rd at 11:00 a.m. at Blue Mountain Family Chiropractic  1120 Centre Turnpike, Orwigsburg  PA 17961

Healthy habits store

As a group we will discuss health, gluten free living, gluten free recipes, gluten free products and how to survive on a budget and still keep everything gluten free.   And as always any other support that is needed. A lot of gluten free talking 🙂

I think this group will be valuable to us all, there is much power in knowledge.  And remember there is no bigger advocate for you and your family than you!

I can’t wait to meet everyone and start this journey together, see you in February!

As always enjoy the day!  Jane