Gluten Free Finds in New York

New York 2013

I love going into the city for a day, there is so much to do and see there.  My husband and I did just that right before Christmas with some youth from our churches youth group including our son, daughter and nephew.  It was a very rainy day but non the less we had an awesome time.

We saw the city from the top of the Empire State building. If you go there go at night that is the best time to go up, the view is spectacular!  Top of Empire State building 2013

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center Rockefeller Center with Ty and JennaAnd a visit to Central Park to see the Balto statue.  Jenna learned about this amazing dog and his owner during her reading class this year.  If you aren’t familiar with this story, it is a wonderful book to read to your little one.  An awesome story about how to persevere in harsh times, we could all use a little of that in our lives.

Balto Statue in Central Park with JennaDuring our day we ate at two amazing little places.  One was at Mozzarelli’s Wholesome Foods they have a lot of gluten free options.  I had a gluten free chicken wrap that was delicious.  They truly made us feel like we were family while we where there.  If you’d like to check them out here’s their website

Another place we ate at was this is a little hole in the wall place and so worth the visit, they both were.   I say little hole in the wall places are the best but that’s just my opinion.

Hope everyone’s Christmas and New Year was a blessed one.

Enjoy the Day!

New Restaurant Find

Pulled Pork baked potatoI ate at Ard’s Farm this weekend with our youth group leaders.  It was awesome!  The staff was very friendly and were so helpful in pointing out what items where gluten free for me.

The picture above is a loaded baked potato with pulled bbq pork, cheese sauce and some yummy bbq sauce to top!  Healthy well.. it was some good comfort food and that’s the best kind if you ask me.  If your in their area check them out.

The restaurant has a gift shop that has homemade candies, canned good and other great finds.  Now their not all gluten free but it’s a great place to check out and there is something for everyone!

Have an awesome day!

Chuck E. Cheese has gluten free Pizza!

How happy I am today to find out that Chuck E. Cheese is now offering gluten free pizza and a gluten free chocolate cupcake at most of their establishments!

I know from experience that sad heart that can come upon a child when they are somewhere with friends and learn that the menu has no items that they can partake of. It just knocks the wind right out of your sails!

Well from now on at least one kid friendly establishment is taking a step in the right direction.

So if your child or grandchild is at a birthday party or is just out for some fun at Chuck E. Cheese you can rest assured that there is something on the menu they will be able to eat and love it!  From what I have read the gluten free pizza is no more expensive than the regular pizza, pretty awesome I say!
So to Chuck E. Cheese I say Thank you!
Here is their link with all information and video below.  There is also a phone number you can call to see if your local Chuck E. Cheese has the gluten free items.

Hope this makes your day a little more enjoyable! Jane

On Vacation!

Going on vacation is something we all look forward to every year.  I know for my family it is a time for refreshing our relationship and becoming closer as a family as our year is usually pretty full like most folks are.  It is so nice to have that time at a much slower pace and to enjoy the company of one another.
Living in a gluten free lifestyle however can sometimes be hard when we travel outside of our normal routine.  For example when we vacation not knowing the local restaurants or what they serve can be trying.
We always do some homework before we head out.  Go online and check local restaurants in the area your planning on visiting to see what the reviews have to say about their gluten free meals.  Remember you are your best advocate and this will help you enjoy a vacation without the stress.

For us this year we traveled to Bethany Beach, Delaware.  It was so nice the beach area that we choose to visit was very quiet.  We stayed on State park beaches this gives you the option to fish and bring your dog as we have a 4 month old Mini Australian Shepherd.  These beaches aren’t nearly as crowded as most public beaches down there.  For us that is where we spent the majority of our days.  Just relaxing, well as much as you can with a puppy and a 7 year old 🙂  But all is good!

A couple places that we discovered to eat at were
The Cafe’ on 26

This restaurant will make almost anything on their menu gluten free.  And the food is amazing!  I highly recommend it.  It is casual dining with a beautiful seaside cottage feel so relaxing.

Another awesome place we found was The Big Fish Grill in Rehoboth Beach
They were so friendly and helpful and the food is awesome!!


Somewhere else to try that is very family oriented in the area to eat would be Grotto Pizza if you have a need for gluten free pizza they do have it.

This next place I would have to say that my family was super excited about was China Express at Seaside Village on  route 1 Fenwick Island DE 19944.  The owners of this restaurant are just amazing they go out of their way to make you feel welcomed and anything they can make for you gluten free they do it gladly.  We had vegetable lo mein with General Tso’s chicken and it was oh so good!

Another place to stop by if you enjoy the boardwalk is Thrashers Fries.  I so wish we had one of these here in PA their fries are so good!

salty, vinegary, deliciousness
When traveling outside your area a  good link to use is  hope this makes vacationing a little easier for you.  As always enjoy time with your loved ones and enjoy the day!

Italian Market Place and other Gluten Free Rompings in Philadelphia

Tote’ All Gluten Free Bakery in South Philly
Inside of Tote’ Bakery and Store

If you are ever down this way in South Philadelphia to visit I highly suggest stopping in for some great treats at Totes’ Gluten Free Bakery and Store.

They have gluten free everything!!  Bread, rolls cannoli, brownie, whoopie pie, pizza crust oh my gosh I could go on and on.  It is an awesome little place.

The owners have Celiac disease and this is why they opened their bakery. They smiled when they saw the joy on our faces when we didn’t have to pick up anything and read the ingredients or ask about their product they understood and so enjoyed watching our happiness.

Also across the street from Totes’ is the Italian
Market.   It takes up blocks and blocks of outside space on the sidewalks.  I loved looking through the fresh fruit, fresh herbs wonderful deals were there for the taking.

Also they had all kinds of fresh seafood and fish.
We also stopped into a shop by the name of Di Bruno Brothers.  They are not a gluten free shop but have awesome cheeses and meats that certainly are.

Next time I go down I will be more prepared.  We had one backpack along this time.   Next time there will be at least two or three.

Paesano’s in South Philly
And almost right across the street from Totes’ there is another awesome place a little sandwich shop called Paesano’s.
They have amazing sandwiches and yes they offer the gluten free rolls from Totes’ bakery.
So you can get pretty much anything on their menu in an awesome sandwich.
They are very knowledgeable about what you should avoid when your eating gluten free at their shop.
So just ask and they will tell you what you can order and what to avoid.
They are also so very happy to help you, it’s awesome!   To say the least Tyler was in sandwich heaven!  As a mother I can’t say enough about how much I appreciated the moment.

For dinner Mike, who is Lindsays boyfriend joined us at Old City and drove us back to Center City in Philly to eat at a Thai restaurant called Erawan. It was really nice to have dinner with him as well.   We don’t have to many opportunities to do things together and it was very nice, Thanks Mike!
Erawan doesn’t have a gluten free menu so to speak of but if you ask they will make your food gluten free.
 Always when ordering tell them that you want it gluten free and they will talk to you about their menu.  Their food is very good!
Ty at Penn’s Landing
Tyler with his cousin Lindsay at Independence Hall

We also did a romp around Old City, Lindsay I got it right that time!  I kept calling it Old Town all day and Lindsay would just laugh at me.

She is such an awesome niece. The three of us truly had such a great time.

Just some words from our founding fathers that I thought were very interesting.    

We live in such a different time now. 

How far we have come from “For the People By The People”  And “In God We Trust”

The Liberty Bell
Oldest Post Office in America

Here are some links below to check out some of the places we visited.
And also a blog site that has a wealth of information about Gluten Free in the Philly area.
Paesano’s In Philly
Erawan Thai Restaurant
DI Bruno Brothers At The Italian Market In Philadelphia
The Spice Corner
This is an awesome blog that is dedicated to finding Gluten Free places in The Philly Area

Gluten Free Birthday Party!

Let’s talk about birthdays!  There seems to be so many in our family this time of year.  We have mine and Jenna’s in January and then Tyler is in February.  And that’s just us, there are many others in the family that fall in the month of January and February trust me it’s a busy time of year.  Mark follows in the fall so we get a bit of a breather till then.   This year he will hit the big 50 but you didn’t hear it from me. 

Any how the reason for this post is I am wondering how many other folks find it difficult to plan a Gluten- Free party.  The picture above is a sample of the cupcakes I made to take into Jenna’s 1st grade class for snack time to celebrate her birthday, 24 in total.
I can say that after two years of being gluten free with the kids I don’t stress to much anymore when it comes to having Birthday parties.  I have a good recipe that works for the cakes and frosting.  And through research know pretty much what’s on the market that I can buy for the kids to make a full menu at a birthday party.  
But as I was preparing this week for Jenna’s party I started thinking what about people that don’t have time to bake.  What about someone that just found out that their child has a gluten allergy or has a child coming to the party that has a gluten allergy how do you accommodate? 
Well I hope I can help.  I did some research and found a local business that if you give them 2 weeks notice they can bake up some goodies for you.  I am sure if your local you have heard of them.  “The Cake Pros”  I stopped by today to have a talk with them in regards to their specialty items and yes, gluten free is on that list.    What they have so far in Gluten Free items are, Yellow and Chocolate cake, Yellow and Chocolate cupcakes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffin, Peanut butter cookies, Chocolate chip cookies and brownies.  They tell me the brownies are really good!   So if you don’t have time to bake there is a source to help.  Their address is 323 Dock Street Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972.  You can also find them on the web at  
There is also Healthy Habits on Rt. 61 in Orwigsburg if your looking to pick up some Udis gluten free hamburger buns or bread for your party or just feel like having a cheeseburger again with a good roll.  For our family their bread is the best hands down.   They also carry many of the pasta’s that I talk about.  I would say it is definitely worth a visit.   They have a good variety of gluten free products to choose from.  Also the people that work there are always so glad to help you with ordering products or just talking about them…wonderful folk!  Their website is

That being said, it’s always nice to have help.  It is also nice to take a chance yourself and have some fun.  As for a kids menu, I will be having hamburger BBQ  with Udi gluten free buns.  Then some cubed Colby jack cheese with Berks ring bologna.  Also grapes, strawberries and other fruit.  Then of course chips like Frito’s, Lays Cheddar and Sour Cream, Frito Lay Cheetos Corn Curls.  And what I am so excited about is Mark’s Aunt Carolann is going to make her famous macaroni salad with gluten-free macaroni!!! I can’t wait.  If you give homemade macaroni salad a try please make sure the vinegar you use is gluten free as some are derived from wheat grain.  Heinz distilled vinegar comes from corn, just a little FYI.     Over all I think it sounds like a pretty good birthday menu.  Of course there will be gluten free cupcakes to be had by all.  Jenna has requested yellow cake with white butter-cream frosting in all different colors and some decorative beads for show.  I’ll make sure to post some pictures of the finished product and post the cake and frosting recipe on the dessert page.

  Either way birthdays are all about giving thanks and celebrating so let that idea follow through with your food…enjoy the moments!