My Fitness Pal has anyone out there tried this?

This morning I went walking with my trusty well wait a minute he does tend to chew things up when we leave the house so maybe trusty isn’t quite the word I would use, but he is a good boy.

So I went walking this morning with my good boy!  Forty five minutes worth.I am trying out that app for the apple phones called my fitness pal.  It keeps track of your calories and your cardiovascular exercise.  It’s pretty simple to use and for myself is a good way to keep an honest record of what I’m putting into my body on a daily basis.  I’m beginning to make better choices but some habits die hard and that is where I am.

Has anyone else out there given this a try?  A friend of mine has lost 50lbs. just by doing this.  So for me that’s my inspiration.  I’d like to think that by this time next year I can be down a few pounds.

As for my baking and cooking it won’t change a whole lot, not that I’m closed to healthy recipes or even healthy substitutes, I’ll give them a try.  But for myself I lean more on the side of portion control.

As a matter of fact I am making these oldie but goodies today for a Mother child banquet.

Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

I’m not willing to close myself off to the goodies of this life just maybe eating them in a smaller quantity and doing more 45 minute walks with my good boy!

Just some ramblings for today have an awesome one!