Gluten and our Furry Friends


Gluten is certainly something that we have learned a lot about over the last two years and how it has affected our children.
But something new that we have learned is how gluten can affect our furry friends.
This past summer we welcomed Denver into our family.  He is a mini Australian shepherd.  When purchasing him dog food I wanted to familiarize myself with the brands.  My sister in-law told me about blue buffalo she said that it was a very good food to feed to our dog and that she had done a lot of research on their line.
So when I went to the pet store to purchase blue buffalo I was very surprised to find that they had a gluten free line.  Wow, I thought.  Our Labrador that we had for 15 years suffered from all kinds of skin allergies.  I wish they had this back then.   They even make nutritious snacks for dogs that have gluten allergies.  How awesome is that?

With that in mind, I thought I’d write a little about my experience with Blue Buffalo.  I would recommend it as a dog food to those with allergies or even those pet owners that are seeking a very nutritious food for their pets.  Our little guy is doing very well on it.  He is healthy and his skin and coat are beautiful.

Also if you want to give your dog treats you can be assured that you will be feeding them high quality treats as well.

I started Denver off on the “Freedom”  line, this is what their gluten free line is called.   I then went onto the protection formula which has veggies,fruit and grains in it as he wasn’t having issues with the gluten.

You can find their line at Petco or Pet surplus supply stores.  If you have never heard of them before here is their website to check out.   I hope this information has helped.  And as always enjoy the day!

Photo: In the car on the way to the beach
Jenna and Denver