Eczema is brutal this year

This winter has been hard on people in so many ways.  From traveling with dangerous road conditions, snow damage to their properties and suffering from harsh skin conditions.  I have to say I’ve experienced just about all three.

One thing I can always count on come winter time is eczema.  I’ve been a sufferer for many years now.  Eczema is when the skin becomes cracked, reddened, itchy and dry.  All in all it’s just nasty.

Up until now I’ve tried just about everything over the counter to very little relief.   I would usually have to wait it out till spring time and then it would slowly disappear or at least give me some relief.  However I recently started cooking with coconut oil because of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) which coconut oil has none of and a very neutral flavor.

My Father’s friend suggested that I try using it on my skin.  Hey something that pulls double duty is fine by me.  So I gave it a try and have to say it really helped.

The coconut oil helped relieve the itch, which to me is such a source of discomfort.  After a couple of times of rubbing it on my skin the eczema started to clear up.  I know a lot of people that suffer from Celiac disease also suffer with eczema, so I thought I’d write a little post about how this helped me and hopefully if you read this it can help you as well.

Here is what I use.  You can find it at Walmart in the cooking oil isle.  It runs about $6 a jar.


If your a sufferer I hope this brings you some much needed relief!

As always enjoy the day! Jane

Jeremiah 29:11

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