Waiting out Wednesday…..

As we wait on this Wednesday to arrive the day when my Dad will have another surgery and prayerfully his last one.    I will be cooking and cleaning, what can I say it’s what I do when I become stressed or anxious.  Yes, I know I’m not suppose to be anxious but hey, I am human. As for cooking and cleaning they are just a coping mechanism, a corky one but hey, it could be worse. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who does that,  at least I hope not.  Now on the other hand when I become upset as in “mad” upset, usually at my husband, LOL I eat. So I either have a clean house, an extra 5 pounds or I’m somewhere in between.  What can I say, I’m a work in progress.

Tomorrow we are expecting another small snow storm about 4 inches.   I’m hoping for a snow day, that’s right I’m also one of those Moms who wants their kiddo home for the day.  If she does have off I will spend more time cooking than cleaning.   Jenna wants to make these yummy gluten free Italian cookies.  We made them over Christmas and the recipe is on the blog.Image

I just need to get to the store for more butter before the storm hits, that’s if there is any left on the shelves.   In between cooking there will be playing in the snow and drinking hot chocolate.  Oh yeah that sounds like an awesome day to me.  As for the cleaning goes, there will be a whole lot more of that on top of what I already have to catch up with. But as they say, your kids are only little for a short while so…enjoy them!

“Housework can wait”

Come in, but don’t expect to find all dishes done, all floors ashine.

Observe the crumbs and toys galore. The smudgy prints upon the door.

The little ones we shelter here don’t thrive on a spotless atmosphere.

They’re more inclined to disarray And carefree even messy play.

Their needs are great, their patience small. All day I’m at their beck and call.

It’s Mommy come! Mommy see! Wiggly worms and red scraped knees.

Painted pictures, blocks piled high. My floors unshined, the days go by.

Some future day they’ll flee this nest, And I at last will have a rest!

Now you tell me which matters more, A happy child or a polished floor?

Author Unknown

This is more my motto now a days.  Not like when I was first married and before children.  I had to have a spotless house, yes I was one of those folks.  These days I try and like a clean house but there are so many more important things going on in my life.  Kids, family, friends and other endeavors, I just don’t stress about it anymore. 

Too me it’s more about the kindness and joy that comes from your home not if it smells like pine-sol.   So I say enjoy life and take more moments to truly live them!

As always enjoy the day! Jane

Matthew 6: 25-34



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