Good days and bad ones….


For  the last 7 days my life has been in a complete whirlwind.  It’s difficult as I sit here to put all the pieces into place, but for me writing is very here goes.

My Dad had become very sick last week and needed hospitalization.  His legs have very poor circulation and infection had set into his feet and legs, one worse than the other.

Going on a doctor hunt and where to find my Dad better medical treatment better than his present situation was emotionally draining.  I am so thankful for the support of certain family members and friends  that kept encouraging me, you know who you are.

Presently we are looking at surgery to help with circulation…what will happen is yet to be determined.  But I have to keep Faith that what ever happens next is part of a better plan and I am only a small part of it, so be kind to one another…agree to disagree… and remember life is really just too short so forgive easily and laugh more often.   That’s what I keep reminding myself.

When times where very hard this week, I kept thinking of these great bunch of kids in my life from our youth group. They have truly given us so much joy over the years.  Some of them have come through great trials themselves and have exceeded beyond imagination.  They have been like our own children,some friends with our children and just a constant source of encouragement and joy!  For that I am so grateful.  Here are some of our memories together and there will be I am sure many more over the years to come!

Ty, Cait, David New Years 2013 Allen Creation Christmas present 2012_n(1) Christie and Mason Christie being baptized at Creation_n Christmas tree game_n Cleaning at Dot Faust with Lexi,_n Creation 2011 group shot(1) Creation Balloons Creation fest 2013- 4 Creationfest 2013 61 Creationfest 2013 63 Creationfest 2013- 23 Creationfest 2013- 34 Creationfest 2013- 36 Creationfest 2013- 44 Creationfest 2013- 52 Creationfest 2013- 56 Jenna with Skillet Kim with childrens sermon Mason with Hello Kitty Hat Mission trip 2013-6 Ping pong 2 Ping pong 3 Ping pong 4 Praise band worship Serious ping pong 2 Snowtubing at Winterfest T.A.G. on Lehigh Valley Gorge 2013-2 T.A.G. on Lehigh Valley Gorge 2013-3 Three great guys at weddingLove You All…

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