Birthday Blessings and so much more….

DSC_0047 DSC_0143 These two great kids made me this awesome birthday cake yesterday.  They always surprise me.   Doesn’t  it just warm your heart when your children do something thoughtful for you?  This made my day so special.  They took Betty Crocker gluten free vanilla and chocolate cake mix..and  prepared the mix as directed and then swirled it together in the cake pan and baked it to get this cool is that?!

Jenna also made me up a beautiful little note that said that she loved me and placed it into a candy dish she put together for me …she amazes me.  She has such a kind and caring spirit as does Ty. DSC_0147 backside of note from JennaThis is what Jenna drew on the back of her note…how precious is that?!  I just love getting notes like this..they sure beat the notes she sends me when I am the worlds worst mom because she was sent to her room for being naughty, LOL!

Mark did something very special for me this year..with my birthday being so close to Christmas he usually gets me a big gift to cover both special days…that works for me. This year I asked for a new camera and that is what he got for me.. I love it! It’s a Nikon D3100. Sure has been great to capture those special moments with.   Of course I am still figuring it out.  I think I need a class on it, LOL but having lots of fun at the same time.

This weekend on Saturday we where out at my Mother In-laws to have a Christmas get together for the Gulick side of the family, that’s her side.  The day before that brought a lot of snow so the kids had a blast sledding.  DSC_0049Here’s a picture of our cousin Todd pulling the girls up the long hill so they could sled back down…he’s such a great guy!  Afterwards the girls came back inside to warm back up under Nanny’s new blanket she go for Christmas.  DSC_0064That evening this is what the sky looked like…isn’t that just so beautiful?  I love the colors!

DSC_0131As this year unfolds please remember to take time to share with your friends and family.  Cherish and make memories big and small…I think the smaller ones are always the best!

Love, Jane

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