Christmas in many days….

Christmas is celebrated in one day for many families world wide.  However in our family we celebrate Christmas over several days.Image

Why you might ask…well in our family we want the opportunity to share the joy and love of Christmas with everyone.  So when we can not all get together on one day we do it over several.

I don’t know of many families that do this…but I feel blessed that I am part of one that does.




I believe that in each family someone is the glue that helps hold it together for us it was my Mom.  After her passing our family lost much of it’s closeness.  So when I married my husband I was so blessed to become part of a family that is close.  It was so nice to have that in my life once again, and I believe that is what helped me build it in mine again.

Today I work very hard at having that in my children’s lives.  I want them to have that experience of a close family.  To be able to sit down at the same table with relatives and to be able to talk about what is going on in each others lives and to truly know what they are talking about is priceless.

It takes a lot of work and sometimes we have those gaps, it happens.   But you can always go to each other and bring it up to speed again…that’s the beauty of a close-knit family, love and joy.

Enjoy the day, Jane

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