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  2. I made these today exactly as the recipe states and they were terrible – no taste at all – rubbery and not at all like a biscuit…….have you made these successfully and is the picture you posted what they actually looked like?

    • Hi Jamie I’m sorry it took this long to respond. I’m sorry the biscuits didn’t turn out for you this is not my original recipe it was one of a friends I was using. Sorry they didn’t turn out for you. I haven’t tried them myself as I was sharing what a friend found successful.

    • Hi Cathy this is a recipe from a friend of mine. I haven’t made them yet I just thought it would be a good recipe to share. Someone replied that it took 3 cups of 7 up to get the right consistency so I would consider that when making these. I would think it would be fine to make them earlier in the day.
      I hope this helps. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Just to let you know all pop except for ginger ale has gluten in it. I wonder if it would change the recipe if it was ginger ale?

    • Hi Christine thank you for your comment. I spoke with the manufacturer of 7UP today and they said their product is gluten free but are going to research it more just to double check and let me know.
      I would give the biscuits a try with ginger ale as long as you don’t mind the ginger flavor. Please see other comments before trying. Thanks again-

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  5. The picture of the biscuits are not the actual ones. This same exact picture has been circulating some many times and it’s of regular bisquick not GF bisquick. This instruction is written for a regular bisquick and will not yield a good GF version.

  6. These were very disappointing as the picture looks to be of regular flour not gluten free flour but I thought hey all give them a try the taste was okay but they didn’t rise at all this is not a true gluten free receip

  7. Please bring the recipe back. It didn’t come out well for some people; that can happen with any recipe. Things need to be tweaked sometimes, add more of an ingredient to get the right texture, whatever. Or maybe a particular ingredient was bad, and not the fault of the recipe. Also, MOST sodas are gluten free. When it isn’t, it’s because of caramel colour, which is usually made with corn but sometimes with barley. Most people have issues with wheat gluten, not barley; and if you have problems with barley gluten it’s easy enough to verify that a soda is totally gluten free. Google is your friend.

    • Hi Lisa thank you for sharing your knowledge here. I posted the recipe originally from a friend we made them years ago before I knew I was a celiac and I modified it to be gf. I took it down because there were folks having issues with it and I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time or effort. I lost my father a year ago and have been for sometime before that helping him through health issues ect. I didn’t take time for much else so I apologize for the late response. If you still would like I can repost the recipe possibly with some more tweaks. Recipes are to be shared and worked out when they don’t quite fit the bill. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

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