It’s the little things that can make me happy like finding gluten free Orzo

I was shopping at Wegmans the other day with my son Tyler, who is now 21.

  We found some great to us anyhow, little finds.

I have been trying to find a gluten free Orzo for sometime now and guess what?   I finally did! 

For me that was my great gluten free find of the day.  




Wegmans has a great gluten free section along with a nice frozen section as well. 

If there isn’t one right in your hometown which is our case,it is worth a trip, you won’t be disappointed.  

My son’s find was gluten free beer by Redbridge it wasn’t a cider one that a lot of the gluten free beers seem to be now a days.  It cost about $10 for a six pack, he really enjoyed it. 

Just thought I’d make a consumer post today in case your looking for one of our finds.

Have an awesome day!




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