The Monotonous of Daily Life….


storage laundry room

Sometimes in life things can get a bit boring.   Day after day doing the little things over and over, like cleaning the house, doing the laundry..blah..blah..blah. It becomes monotonous at least for me that is how it is.   I am sure I am not the only one out there feeling this way.

On the other hand I have also learned that it is the small things in life that have great importance.  This is something I need to be reminded of A LOT.

In our home when the very boring work doesn’t get done it looks like a disaster and it feels like one too.   Peace and comfort go right out the door.  However, when the boring repetitious work of our home gets done.  Life is smoother and feels well a little easier.   You can feel it when you walk in and out of the door. Does anyone else ever experience that in their home?

The reason I am writing about this right now is well I am stuck in that very rut of agh!  I have to say it’s been difficult getting my butt out of it this time.

Last night I opened up and shared this with some very good friends.   After talking I began to realize that I wasn’t alone in my lack of what ever you want to call it but more of the majority.

Bringing things into the light is very empowering and freeing.  So after much conversation and thought this morning.  I realized I needed to stop thinking about what I needed to do so much as I needed to just start doing.  It is just way to draining when you keep on thinking about what you need to do.  Sometimes when I think about cleaning up the mess I get exhausted before I even begin.

So after this post that is my plan..just simply start.

Thanks for reading my rambles this morning, I hope if your in the same boat I am that this post inspired you to not get so down on yourself but to bring things out into the light and just start doing.

Have an awesome day!




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