Milestones and Good Friends

This past weekend I had such a great time.  I was out to celebrate a milestone in a young couples life with a bridal shower.  Congratulations Ashley and Mark, we are so excited for the wedding, your marriage and to see what God holds for the two of you!

ashley and mark with bride and groom hats (2)Ashley at Shower








After having an amazing time at the shower a few friends and I stopped to do some shopping.  To say we acted silly is an understatement.

I think we entertained quite a few people along the way, not just ourselves.  Our silliness also put a few smiles on some other folks faces not just our own, that’s pretty awesome!

I think in life sometimes we get to caught up in thinking  what will others  think of us or in life sometimes we are just way to serious with ourselves.  It took a few good friends to remind me of this and for that I am thankful!

Ellen with Easter ApronJess and Me in our Irish AttireYou have to love silly friends because with them others can see the best in you!


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