An insight into hidden gluten in products…

Natural flavoring

Nothing drives me nuts like a company that hides gluten in their products.  What is your point I would really like to ask them?

I have found over the last couple of years that gluten can be hidden in products in natural and artificial flavoring.  Some companies are wonderful and will list what their source is from like corn, or gluten sources such as wheat.  However, there are others that still leave it unlisted.  Leaving us standing there scratching our heads thinking well does it or doesn’t it contain gluten?

This past summer I made gluten free macaroni salad and I used light miracle whip by accident.  I thought I picked up original miracle whip at the store.  My daughter only ate a small amount and broke out in hives.  I was shocked and went back and looked closer at my ingredients.   I couldn’t find any source on their ingredients that would point to gluten except for the natural flavoring.  I made a call to the company right away only for them to tell me that they where not sure of the source, what?  I couldn’t believe what they where saying.  I ended up throwing the entire batch out and started looking online.

There where some sources online that said miracle whip light was a gluten free product and others that said it wasn’t.    Wow!  I know for myself beyond any doubt that their source did have gluten in it and it was at the expensive of my daughters health.  I’m still miffed that a company wouldn’t know their own source.

The important thing I learned from this is that if a company has natural flavoring included in it’s ingredients and doesn’t list what it is.  Don’t eat it until you have talked to the company and are satisfied with their answer.   If they can’t name the source than pass it by, their loss!

Artificial flavoring on the other hand should not be a problem.

Because it would be made of a chemical nature and not wheat, barley, rye,oats and malt.   However there are some folks that claim if the product has a thicker substance or has a dark color to it then the artificial flavor could contain gluten.  I would always recommend that you call the company, use the phone number listed on the back of the product.    Better safe than sorry.

My hope is that soon all companies are made to list all their allergy ingredients, not just the popular ones.    And in a Celiacs case list if it’s gluten free or not.  It would just make life so much easier!

Just a little information for the day, hope it makes yours a bit easier!

2 thoughts on “An insight into hidden gluten in products…

  1. Absolutely! You know I have often wondered why companies wouldn’t use truthful labeling. Honestly , If I can’t find a product that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt is gluten free, I will pay a little more for it if it has a gluten free label on it just makes better marketing sense to me. But what do I know I’m just the consumer 🙂

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