Will you be the first ripple?

Chilly pine

This morning as I took my dog Denver for a walk in this heat wave that we are having of 9 degrees F 🙂   it was actually quite nice.   The wind wasn’t blowing like it had been on other mornings so it was much more tolerable and not to bad.

I enjoy this time of morning, for me it is always so peaceful and it’s a wonderful time to spend getting my head cleared and getting some much needed time with the big guy upstairs.

On this mornings walk Denver and I only did about half of our usual jaunt.  It wasn’t the weather so much as it was his disposition.

He is usually a happy go lucky fellow while we are walking.  Curious about what lies a head and eager to investigate.  This morning was different.  He would walk so far stop, and lift his paw with uncertainty.  As a matter of fact he wouldn’t take many steps at all without doing this.

I know dogs long enough to understand that something up ahead made him very uneasy.  So we only went so far and before discovering what was up ahead that made him feel uneasy we turned around for home.  I didn’t want to come face to face with a bear this morning..no thank you!

To me it’s amazing how dogs have that discernment and truly pay attention to it.   When things seem dangerous or unsafe they turn around and head in another direction.

As for us humans we tend to ignore it press forward in the same direction and then wonder what the heck was I thinking?!

This morning my dog of only 10 months reminded me of a very important God given gift.  That very tiny small voice inside, sometimes it is almost to soft to hear but we do, if we really listen it’s there.  Sometimes our own wants take precedence.   But for me I am going to start trying harder and let down my own wants and listen much closer.

I wonder if we all did this what would our world look like today?  Just a thought.

As always enjoy the day and just think, you never know who’s day you’ll change by just listening to that little voice inside.  Will you be the first ripple?

Denver and Frost field

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