Love Your Kids Today So They Will Love Tomorrow…

Today I want to write about my kids.  Not so much about their lives and how they deal with gluten, but their daily lives.

As a parent I am like many others out there.  Busy with family happenings, and keeping up with things that I have going on.  What really moves me to do better is when I reflect on my children.  Our kids are truly a reflection of what we give to them.   I’m not talking about anything material, the world does a big enough job there.  No I’m talking about the hugs, the I love you and the encouragement that we give them.   Words unlike any material item can build up your child so they can face any giant that the world would send their way or, it could be the poison that would wipe out any hopes and dreams they would have.

When my daughter got on the bus this morning I always ask for a hug and kiss before she jumps out of the car eager to start her day.  She usually laughs, gives me a hug, but is as she thinks getting to big to give Mom a kiss.

We laugh about it and she usually gives me one anyway.  I’ll keep on taking them as long as she’s giving.  Children grow up to fast these days and before you know it those early years are distant memories.

Before Jenna stepped unto the bus this morning I tapped on the glass of the car door to give her one more wave and smile, she turned around with her beautiful smile, giggled and waved to me.  That simple action right there just made my morning.  It also reminded me that life is really about the simple things.

Children are so giving and forgiving.   As parents we should remember that and apply that ourselves in our daily lives.  We should also take mindful snapshots about the little things we see in our children that are just amazingly beautiful.  This would truly remind us daily to build on and build up when it comes to our children.

Don’t get me wrong, I surely am not writing this to say that I don’t fumble.  Oh that’s a whole other page, but I write this as a simple reminder to parents out there and to myself that it’s the little things in life that our kids will remember.   Those things really make a difference in their lives.

Remember it’s a ripple affect.  It will be with them today as they go to school and be around others.  And it will be with them in the future as they raise their children and how they as adults interact with the world.

I know for myself I witnessed that today and wondered what others saw in their children as well?  My prayer is that my encouragements far out way any  discouragements I have put forth in my children’s lives.  And that I take time to celebrate the simple moments with my family.

I think if we can keep in mind how important the simple things are to our children that  they will become a strong bright light in this sometimes very dismal world.  And I don’t know about you but I think this world could surely use some beautiful bright lights.


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