Staying Gluten Free with Medicines This Cold and Flu Season

I don’t know about you this year but for us we have been hit by  colds and Flu. It seems like everyone I talk to has either had one or the other.  If not themselves they know someone who has.

So when my daughter who is 7 got hit by the stomach bug, head cold and fever it made me think about the medicines we take.

I always have to do research on the medicines to see if they are gluten free.  As many of us do, I wish it was easier, if manufacturers would just mark their packaging gluten free wow that would be so nice, right?

Well until that happens I wanted to pull different list from the internet to keep on our blog that have lists of gluten free medicines.  I hope this will help you as it will us.

  1. The site gluten free drugs is full of information about labeling and gives a very full list of gluten free medications.
  2. This directory  provides contact information for pharmaceutical companies in the United States.   Online Directory of Drug Manufacturers
  3. Here is another site that has a nice list of gluten free medications.
  4. Also your local health food store has lots of products that you can take for colds and flu that are natural.   They will be able to tell you what is gluten free and what is not.

As always if you are unsure if the medication you are thinking of taking is gluten free call the company to find out.  After all you are your best advocate!

Hope this makes life a little easier.  As always enjoy the day!

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