Happy New Year Thoughts and Gluten Free Key Lime Pie

Snowtubing at Winterfest
This New Year rang in at Lynchburg, Virginia for our family.  We were accompanied by 8 youth from our youth group including our 2 kiddos.  It was about a 7 hour drive down there with lots of laughter and music on the way.
While there at Winterfest, attending performances is very rejuvenating for me, it recharges my spirit.
  I think of all the performers Toby Mac and Casting Crowns were my favorite, they have such a vocal heart for God and that is what I needed.
As for the speakers, Bob Lenz is who moved me this year and our kids in a big way.   He speaks with such humility straight from his heart.   And what made it so great is that this year our kids got him.  They were moved so much that what he spoke about was a topic that night and  over breakfast. When you can reach a teenager like that God has blessed you with an amazing gift.
He spoke about the things that teenagers deal with today, peer pressure, cutting, drinking and drugs.
But for our group what really touched their hearts and ours was his sister.
Bob Lenz has a sister that is mentally retarded and he spoke about what it was like growing up with her as a sibling.
Bob wanted nothing more as a teenager than to be popular, as many kids do.  He talked about what it was like for him to be part of the high school football team and life hanging out with the guys and having his sister around.
Bob told us a story from his younger days when he was at his families cabin and a new friend,a guy he didn’t know well yet but wanted to be friends with because of this guys social status.  They were hanging out talking and his sister came walking down the path with a sports accessory (jock strap) over her head and asked if they wanted to play doctor.  The young man asked who she was Bob being embarrassed by her denied even knowing her, his sister, and told his new friend that she was someone that his Mother was helping take care of.
How many times in life do we deny things because we are to concerned about what others may think of us, our faith, our Lord maybe even family?
The kids in our group I believe saw how this action causes such ripple effects in not only their lives but for others as well.
Actions like that can cause us to walk onto a path that isn’t who we really are and become someone else, someone we don’t even know.   And how lonely that can become once we stay on that path.
I pray this year that you will find something much more powerful than any problem that can come into your life, Our Lord Jesus Christ.   And that once you see him in your life that his light shines brighter than any problem that can come your way.   And that you choose to return to who he designed you to be, unique!
  Here is some information about Bob Lenz if you have a group of teenagers that would like to hear him or if your thinking of going somewhere that he will be speaking at.  bob-lenz-150x180http://www.compassion.com/christian-speakers/bob-lenz.htm
As for what I will be doing next.  I belong to an awesome prayer group with some really great friends.  We are celebrating Christmas late we always do but the meaning is just as awesome.  This year for our dinner I am going to make a gluten free key lime pie to take along.
We are having a Mexican theme dinner and I think it is the perfect dessert to cool off your palate after having some hot and spicy food.  I love spicy food, how about you?
So if you would like to give this key lime pie a try here is what you will need.
Key lime pie
Key Lime Pie
3 small cans sweetened condensed milk
1/2 cup sour cream
3/4-1 cup fresh lime juice about 10 limes
1 tablespoon fresh grated lime zest
1 handmade Gluten free graham cracker crust (very easy recipe below)
1/2 cup crushed almonds
3/4 stick of melted butter
Preheat oven to 350 F 
Take one box of Gluten free graham crackers put into a food processor and crush till fine.  Put into a medium sized bowl. Next add crushed almonds and melted butter to the graham crackers mix until well incorporated.  Pour into a pie dish and bake at 350F for about 10 minutes till set.    Let cool.
Next In a separate large bowl mix sweetened condensed milk with sour cream, lime juice and zest.  Pour mixture on top of pie crust and bake at 350F for 10-15 minutes keep checking when small bubbles start to show and pop then it can be taken out to cool make sure it is set and the top does not brown.
Best when put in the refrigerator after it cools for a few hours to set.
May this year be the year that you are a light for the world.
Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

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