Gluten Free Beef and Spinach Low Mein

 Last night for dinner, I wanted to make something a little different. With Thanksgiving right around the corner.   I was wanting to stay away from a traditional dish.  
 I am looking so forward to next Thursday when we will be celebrating with family and yes there will be lots of goodies to feast on and my contribution of gluten free ones.

 So in the frig. I had some roast beef left over from an early meal in the week.  Also I had some spinach in the freezer, soon my wheels started turning and I found my mind and my appetite drifting towards Chinese.

As I searched my pantry I realized I had some Quinoa pasta that could be used as Low Mein.  I like using quinoa pasta in many dishes it holds up pretty well and doesn’t fall apart.  Plus I think it is more nutritional.

Then I started looking in my spice shelf and I came across some dried ginger.  Mmm sounds like a meal coming together to me.

 Do you cook with ginger?   I love the smell and the flavor that ginger adds to a dish.
If you have never tried it before, ginger adds a fresh flavor and a different level of spiciness to a dish.  It is strong so a little goes a long way.  Remember you can always add but you can’t take out.

 I like to use hot,spicy and sweet in my Chinese dishes. 
This product works very well in many of them. 
I found this at Weiss grocery market.

When we were in China the Szechuan food that we ate was very spicy and so good, nothing like you can find here in the states.  If you can you are very fortunate.   And please share with us where they are!

When I use this sauce it always reminds me of our trip to bring our Jenna home. 
I can hardly believe that it is almost 7 years. I just want to say that if you are looking to start a family and are considering  adoption, all I can say from our experience is that it is an amazing journey and one I am so blessed to be part of as a Mommy. Just putting that out there.  Love, love my girl and yes she is a spicy one, LOL.

 When using the Szechuan hot and spicy sauce I always add,
believe it or not, ketchup.  By adding this it adds a sweet and tart flavor that really compliments the sauce.
It also cuts back on the heat of the sauce so if you like it not so  spicy add more ketchup and less Szechuan sauce or if you like it spicy add more Szechuan sauce and less ketchup,easy peasy!
And as for having ketchup in your frig,who doesn’t have ketchup in their frig right? 

For us our Jenna loves ketchup so much that she would eat it more of a side dish than a condiment.  So we are always well stocked!

 Here is the final dish I hope you enjoy it and experiment with it, make it your own…..
You could always use chicken in it instead of the beef or do both, you could even add shrimp if you’d like.
 As for the  vegetables you could add many more like carrots, sugar snaps, water chestnuts, broccoli, red peppers, onions.  You get the picture. 
As for me this is what I had at home last night so goes the dish!

Recipe for Beef and Spinach Low Mein
1 lb. of left over roast beef or steak
2 Tablespoon of olive oil or vegetable oil
1 teaspoon of salt
1 12 oz. package of frozen spinach
1/4 cup Szechuan sauce (taste it first to check your tolerance for the heat)  You can add less if you like.
1 cup of ketchup
1 package of Quinoa gluten free pasta
1 teaspoon of ground ginger (start with that and see how your taste buds react to the dish I usually end up adding more but I love ginger)

Heat up a large pan or wok over medium heat.  Add vegetable or olive oil to it.  Next add the beef and salt.  Let that heat up together.  Next add the frozen spinach and cook a couple of minutes till the spinach is about half way cooked.  Next, add the Szechuan sauce and ketchup ( I put them together in a small bowl and mix it first them add the sauce to the pan) If you find you don’t have enough sauce for the dish just mix up another batch.  I like more sauce in my dish so I made a little extra myself.  It all depends on your taste.
While you are cooking all this start a large pot with boiling water and cook your quinoa pasta according to the directions.  When the pasta is done add it to the pan and mix well if it seems a little dry I always reserve some pasta water and add a tiny bit to the dish.  Last I add the ground ginger, mix well and then you are ready to serve.
As always enjoy!

Isaiah 40:31

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