Chuck E. Cheese has gluten free Pizza!

How happy I am today to find out that Chuck E. Cheese is now offering gluten free pizza and a gluten free chocolate cupcake at most of their establishments!

I know from experience that sad heart that can come upon a child when they are somewhere with friends and learn that the menu has no items that they can partake of. It just knocks the wind right out of your sails!

Well from now on at least one kid friendly establishment is taking a step in the right direction.

So if your child or grandchild is at a birthday party or is just out for some fun at Chuck E. Cheese you can rest assured that there is something on the menu they will be able to eat and love it!  From what I have read the gluten free pizza is no more expensive than the regular pizza, pretty awesome I say!
So to Chuck E. Cheese I say Thank you!
Here is their link with all information and video below.  There is also a phone number you can call to see if your local Chuck E. Cheese has the gluten free items.

Hope this makes your day a little more enjoyable! Jane

2 thoughts on “Chuck E. Cheese has gluten free Pizza!

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