Another Easy Gluten Free Product…

Good Morning everyone! What a beautiful Tuesday!  

As you all can tell by now, I love to find gluten free products that are easy on our wallets and easy on our schedules.

Our family like many of yours is busy.  Between running the children to taking care of the home and all the other jobs that are outside of our home, life gets busy fast!
So when I come across a product that can save me time in the kitchen I am all for it and of course it has to meet my wallets budget as well.  To me that is a super duper plus!

When I was grocery shopping this week I came across some products right on the shelves at Walmart and at regular price, not an arm and a leg so to speak just because they are gluten free.

I love a good cracker with cheese and I so miss them, so when my husband put them into the cart I was so excited, it’s the little things in life right?
Let me tell you they are yummy!
They have flax seed and other goodies in them and they are gluten free.

 Remember these when you have an upcoming dinner at your home.  Just think of that wonderful cheese and cracker platter you can put out at Thanksgiving or Christmas. 

I also found two wonderful Alfredo sauces right on the pasta isle at Walmart no special trips and no outrageous price.  Thank you God!


Here you can see on the back of the jar right below the ingredients is where it is labeled as gluten free.
My husband loves Rosa sauce so when I saw this I thought we have to give this one a try!

You can also find gluten free pasta in the same isle and once again it isn’t an outrageous price …super win!


Our family also loves Alfredo sauce.  When I have time I will make it from scratch but our schedule doesn’t always allow that time.  
So finding this was a big winner and a great time saver.

Remember as with all premade products you can always add to them to make them your own.  Sometimes I add some sauted garlic, mushrooms and parmesian cheese.  
The sky is the limit!

As always I hope this makes your day easier and your wallet a little more heavier!
Enjoy the day!
Jeremiah 29:11

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