A nice little find at Walmart in the Freezer section…..

Hi Everyone!  I just wanted to pass this along to those of you who live with children who always want chicken nuggets and French Fries for dinner like my seven year old does.

My sister in-law Susan came across these in Walmart.  They are $6.77 for a 24oz. bag.
Don’t know about you but I’m going to give them a try.  I see many possibilities.
Add a little bit of sauce and mozzarella and you have a quick chicken Parmesan,
Crispy chicken on a bed of greens for a nice salad.
And of course to keep the kid in you happy or the one in your kitchen saying,(screaming!) I want chicken nuggets and french fries for supper…..PLEASE 🙂
I hope this little find makes a lunch or quick supper easier and puts a smile on the face of you and your little ones!

Also if your looking for gluten free french fries to make with the chicken tenders.  Your in the right store go to the french fry section and get Ore Ida brand.  They say gluten free right on the side of the package near the bottom.  We tried their sweet potato fries for something different they are yummy!
As always I hope this makes your day easier!
Enjoy the day!

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