Back To School Thoughts…..

The Years Go By Just Way Too Fast….

As we start to get ready for this year school session to begin one big question comes to mind.  What will our children be eating?  As a parent of a child in both elementary and college age with Celiac disease, whom may I add will be living in an apartment this year so he will be making his own meals, this truly adds a different dynamic to it all.  My son is very educated when it comes to living gluten free and very disciplined so no worries here!

This year if you have a child away at college where can they get their needs met if not eating on campus may come to mind?
  Walmart is beginning to carry a few gluten free items like pasta’s and snacks so that is an option and the prices are right for a college students budget.
Another online store that we will be buying from is  This is a nice way to get things shipped to your children or they can take care of that as well.
 Also Weiss Markets and Giant grocery stores are good places to shop if your child’s university is close enough.  The bigger Giant stores carry a full line of gluten free products.

 Also another thing to consider is a Farmer’s Market.  Where my son goes to college he is fortunate enough to have a Farmer’s Market close by where he can buy fresh produce and meats.  Check out the area where your child will be staying and see what is available it gives them great options which don’t we all need?  And you peace of mind.

Here’s Ty helping with our Thanksgiving Meal both of my kids love to cook

Here are some of the meals and snacks that my son will be making this year with a few of his own I’m sure.

Gluten Free Lasagna One Of Ty’s Favorites
Quino Chocolate Chip Cookies
Gluten Free Key Lime Pie
Gluten Free Pizza
No Bake Gluten Free Cookies
Black Bean Salsa
King Arthur’s Gluten Free Brownie Mix another favorite
Jenna with a few of her friends!

As for my younger child she is just a sprout so to speak, but you wouldn’t think that when you meet her …she is a force to be reckon with, trust me!  
Where she attends school they are just beginning a gluten free menu this school year.  I am so excited about this!   If your child is gluten intolerant how does your school work with your child’s needs?   I would like to think that there are options.  It all starts with a conversation with your schools principal, remember you are your best advocate.
Fortunate for us our Principal  is educated about Celiac disease.
His experience started with a family member having Celiac disease, he has gained knowledge through their experience and we are fortunate for it.

If your child’s school doesn’t offer a gluten free menu at this time ask them to start.  As always be your child’s biggest advocate.  You don’t have to wait till school starts next year there is always time to start now.
As always I hope this information has helped you in one way or another.
Enjoy The Day!

2 Corinthians 5:17

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