Love When Gluten Free Is Made Easy…..

Yummy New Breakfast Cereal From Kashi…….


I just love when we stumble upon a new product especially when it is in a local grocery store.  Kashi has a new cereal called Indigo Morning and it is made of grains that are gluten free.  It is such a nice change from our normal chex cereals, not that they aren’t yummy as well but Kashi offers something completely different in texture and taste.  The box is not marked gluten free but a spokesperson from Kashi stated that it was.  So next time your in the cereal isle check it out.

Here is another awesome gluten free product that you can find easily in your local grocery store.  I found this at Weis Market.  My kids love these and so do I.  They are so chocolatey and moist and take no time at all to whip up!
 My son asked me to make him a batch to take along with him to Ocean City Maryland.   He  went down for a few days with some friends.  I guess one last outing with friends before school starts up again.    His friends were so cool they made gluten free things for him to eat as well,  very thoughtful!
I hope this little bit of information helps, I am always on the look out for great products that you and I can easily pick up in a local grocery store and that are time saving.   
After all couldn’t we all  use a few extra minutes in our day to enjoy our loved ones. 
As always enjoy life and start by enjoying the day!
John 3:16

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