On Vacation!

Going on vacation is something we all look forward to every year.  I know for my family it is a time for refreshing our relationship and becoming closer as a family as our year is usually pretty full like most folks are.  It is so nice to have that time at a much slower pace and to enjoy the company of one another.
Living in a gluten free lifestyle however can sometimes be hard when we travel outside of our normal routine.  For example when we vacation not knowing the local restaurants or what they serve can be trying.
We always do some homework before we head out.  Go online and check local restaurants in the area your planning on visiting to see what the reviews have to say about their gluten free meals.  Remember you are your best advocate and this will help you enjoy a vacation without the stress.

For us this year we traveled to Bethany Beach, Delaware.  It was so nice the beach area that we choose to visit was very quiet.  We stayed on State park beaches this gives you the option to fish and bring your dog as we have a 4 month old Mini Australian Shepherd.  These beaches aren’t nearly as crowded as most public beaches down there.  For us that is where we spent the majority of our days.  Just relaxing, well as much as you can with a puppy and a 7 year old 🙂  But all is good!

A couple places that we discovered to eat at were
The Cafe’ on 26

This restaurant will make almost anything on their menu gluten free.  And the food is amazing!  I highly recommend it.  It is casual dining with a beautiful seaside cottage feel so relaxing.

Another awesome place we found was The Big Fish Grill in Rehoboth Beach http://www.bigfishgrill.com/
They were so friendly and helpful and the food is awesome!!


Somewhere else to try that is very family oriented in the area to eat would be Grotto Pizza if you have a need for gluten free pizza they do have it.  http://grottopizza.com/

This next place I would have to say that my family was super excited about was China Express at Seaside Village on  route 1 Fenwick Island DE 19944.  The owners of this restaurant are just amazing they go out of their way to make you feel welcomed and anything they can make for you gluten free they do it gladly.  We had vegetable lo mein with General Tso’s chicken and it was oh so good!

Another place to stop by if you enjoy the boardwalk is Thrashers Fries.  I so wish we had one of these here in PA their fries are so good!

salty, vinegary, deliciousness
When traveling outside your area a  good link to use is http://glutenfreetravelsite.com  hope this makes vacationing a little easier for you.  As always enjoy time with your loved ones and enjoy the day!

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