Gluten Free Camping

I Love Summer Time
Photo: Praising in the rain!!! I love summer time.  I don’t know how yours looks but this is how our crazy summer usually goes.  After the annual Memorial Day Trip with Christ Church Youth Group, my husband is the Youth Pastor there, we do white water rafting and paintball and it’s a blast!
 Then it is off to Creation Fest in June at Mount Union, PA   There were 25 or so of us that went this year.   We are always so blessed!  There where of course lots of pranks, praising and just awesome fellowship.
To do this all in a gluten free way to some  may seem difficult but it really isn’t.   You just need to take careful planning and have good communication. You might also be concerned with so many people if you like us travel with a bunch that the chances of cross contamination could be high but not really, just use care to label things ahead of time and to let people know what is what.  Communication is key!
For our menu we had Gluten free pulled pork, just make a pork roast I put it in a crock pot and cook till it’s all falling apart with some sweet baby rays BBQ sauce it’s oh so yummy!  And then I used Udi’s gluten free bread for the bun or eat it just so.  We also had baked ziti with gluten free penne, I like using the heartland brand it holds up much better and doesn’t get mushy, very good!   See who says camping gluten free has to be skimpy right? Also make sloppy joes, Manwich brand is great and fast. Sloppy Joes or hamburger BBQ are easy to make and travel well while your walking back down to the main stage to watch the next artist or speaker.  This year there where some great performers such as Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Family Force 5, Toby Mac, Newsboys and of course a big favorite in our group Switchfoot!  That is just a few of the artists.  Go here to the website if your interested in learning more about the event.
 We also had some yummy egg and bacon sandwiches for breakfast with gluten free Udi’s bread.    And if you wanted Nutella with peanut butter that also makes for a great treat.   There are a great number of breakfast cereals that you can take along as well that makes breakfast easy also gluten free bagels by Udi’s are another easy breakfast.
Tyler keeping cool
Jenna cooling off
At Creation my son asked the food vendors about the ingredients that are used in their food and preparation.  So never feel intimidated to ask you are your best food advocate.
As for camping try it enjoy life’s moments.  It is a time to slow down and do things in a simple way.  Isn’t that what summer is all about slowing down the pace of our busy schedules and truly enjoying life!

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