Walking In New Life…..May 8, 2012

Rev. Dale Shellhamer
Walking in New Life
 How can I begin to say good bye to such an amazing person?

On Tuesday May 8th 2012 my Father in-law went home to be with our Heavenly Father.  When I think of Dale what comes to mind most is a humble, gentle and very kind man, a true picture of what a earthly Father can be.  Too his children he was always someone they looked up to and admired because of those qualities.  He was always there with a kind word, encouragement and was very thoughtful of us all.  He loved us all unconditionally not so easy in a big family but that was Dale. 

I met Dale when I was just a girl you see long before I was dating his son I was friends with his two older daughters first.  Being friends with them I had the opportunity to spend many hours in the Shellhamer family home,we always had many laughs together.    Dale had such a sense of humor with his witty stories and jokes.  He was always looking to make someone laugh or smile.  

  I also remember his dedication to the church and the flock that he was called to serve.  Dale would stay up late at night to work on a sermon or take someone to work in the middle of the night because their car broke down or they couldn’t afford one. He never showed judgement but modeled to us and others the love of Jesus Christ.    I see that same quality in my husband Mark today.  For this I am so grateful to Dale he certainly was a wonderful role model for my husband to follow.  

Being on this side of the family some 25 years later.  The man that I once knew as my friends father became my Father in-law on September 13, 1986 and through those 25 years I watched as he loved our children and showed those same beautiful qualities to them.  He showed my son and nephews what it looked like to be a Godly man and how to truly model the love of Jesus Christ to others.  And to my daughter who is adopted from China, Dale showed her what unconditional love is all about from the first moment he held her in his arms.  To the last visit they shared together.   He was always making her and my niece laugh with his silly sense of humor of saying “Howdy Doody”  Jenna and Talia loved that line and it would just make them giggle so he always made of point of greeting them with those words. 

 I pray that the qualities in which God gave to Dale will stay in memory and action with my daughter, my son, my niece and nephews so as they grow they will not only remember what a true man of God looks like in spirit but they themselves will strive to model and be that gift as well. 

 We love you and will miss you Dale but because of the amazing sacrifice of Jesus Christ we rest in the peace and joy knowing we will see you one day again in Heaven.
Rev. Dale Shellhamer Video Memorials 
John 3:16

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