Gluten Free in Small Town U.S.A.

I am not sure about where you live but for our family finding gluten free products close by can be a trial.
We can find pasta and snacks but when it comes to the flours and ingredients that I like to use to bake with there are some that are close by but they are very costly and not of the quality that I like, they aren’t fine enough in texture, they are too gritty if you bake you know what I am talking about.

For us the products that we like to use are a half hour to an hour away not just a walk down the street or a ten minute drive.  So you can say we stock up when we can.  I once had a women ask me just how many cakes I planned on making with all the flour I had in my cart, it just made me smile.

I like to use rice flour from the Asian markets.  It is so much finer than the ones I find close to home and the cost well you can buy 5 lbs of the Asian flour for the same price as 1 pound of the other name brands.
I also buy my tapioca starch, potato starch and whatever else I can find there and yes I stock up on it all.

Here is a link to the one store we go to:
And the other one which is a bit smaller

Have you ever ventured out to an Asian market?   It’s fun, I love looking at all the different ingredients they carry.  I don’t know about your family but we love Chinese food and I love cooking it.  So I don’t just stock up on flours while I am there I get those great ingredients that make Chinese cooking so much fun.
Recently I had the honor of cooking with one of the Youth leaders in the Youth Ministry God has placed my husband and I in.  It was so cool talking with her about the ingredients and spending time together cooking  in the kitchen the meal ended up being so good and of course it  was gluten free!  Thanks Jess, we need to do this again some time soon!

Before I go to the Asian market  if I want to try a new recipe I do my homework researching the ingredients first you always want to make sure what your buying is gluten free and there are no labels on Chinese ingredients that say it is GF so doing your research is key.
I even write down brand names and what the packaging looks like just to make double sure that I am picking up the right one.
I would always recommend doing the same thing at least till you get to know the product it’s always good to double check any product whether it be Chinese or not as products can change their ingredients without notice, it happens.

If you are fortunate and live close by to an Asian market I say check them out sometime expand your horizons it’s a lot of fun!

2 Corinthians 5:17
Have A Wonderful Day!

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