Italian Market Place and other Gluten Free Rompings in Philadelphia

Tote’ All Gluten Free Bakery in South Philly
Inside of Tote’ Bakery and Store

If you are ever down this way in South Philadelphia to visit I highly suggest stopping in for some great treats at Totes’ Gluten Free Bakery and Store.

They have gluten free everything!!  Bread, rolls cannoli, brownie, whoopie pie, pizza crust oh my gosh I could go on and on.  It is an awesome little place.

The owners have Celiac disease and this is why they opened their bakery. They smiled when they saw the joy on our faces when we didn’t have to pick up anything and read the ingredients or ask about their product they understood and so enjoyed watching our happiness.

Also across the street from Totes’ is the Italian
Market.   It takes up blocks and blocks of outside space on the sidewalks.  I loved looking through the fresh fruit, fresh herbs wonderful deals were there for the taking.

Also they had all kinds of fresh seafood and fish.
We also stopped into a shop by the name of Di Bruno Brothers.  They are not a gluten free shop but have awesome cheeses and meats that certainly are.

Next time I go down I will be more prepared.  We had one backpack along this time.   Next time there will be at least two or three.

Paesano’s in South Philly
And almost right across the street from Totes’ there is another awesome place a little sandwich shop called Paesano’s.
They have amazing sandwiches and yes they offer the gluten free rolls from Totes’ bakery.
So you can get pretty much anything on their menu in an awesome sandwich.
They are very knowledgeable about what you should avoid when your eating gluten free at their shop.
So just ask and they will tell you what you can order and what to avoid.
They are also so very happy to help you, it’s awesome!   To say the least Tyler was in sandwich heaven!  As a mother I can’t say enough about how much I appreciated the moment.

For dinner Mike, who is Lindsays boyfriend joined us at Old City and drove us back to Center City in Philly to eat at a Thai restaurant called Erawan. It was really nice to have dinner with him as well.   We don’t have to many opportunities to do things together and it was very nice, Thanks Mike!
Erawan doesn’t have a gluten free menu so to speak of but if you ask they will make your food gluten free.
 Always when ordering tell them that you want it gluten free and they will talk to you about their menu.  Their food is very good!
Ty at Penn’s Landing
Tyler with his cousin Lindsay at Independence Hall

We also did a romp around Old City, Lindsay I got it right that time!  I kept calling it Old Town all day and Lindsay would just laugh at me.

She is such an awesome niece. The three of us truly had such a great time.

Just some words from our founding fathers that I thought were very interesting.    

We live in such a different time now. 

How far we have come from “For the People By The People”  And “In God We Trust”

The Liberty Bell
Oldest Post Office in America

Here are some links below to check out some of the places we visited.
And also a blog site that has a wealth of information about Gluten Free in the Philly area.
Paesano’s In Philly
Erawan Thai Restaurant
DI Bruno Brothers At The Italian Market In Philadelphia
The Spice Corner
This is an awesome blog that is dedicated to finding Gluten Free places in The Philly Area

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