Happy 20th Birthday Tyler!

Our son Tyler turned 20 years old on February 19th.  It seems so hard to imagine that this time in his life has come already when a young man leaves the teen years behind… truly where does the time go?
As our family tradition goes the birthday person gets to pick what they would like for a birthday meal, last month in January Jenna choose a birthday breakfast of gluten free waffles with whipped cream strawberries and blueberry’s.
This month was Tyler’s turn.  His favorite meal is Lasagna with garlic bread a nice salad and for dessert Tiramisu.
So the day before he came home from college for a visit.  I started out to our favorite places to pick up ingredients, later to return and get busy in the kitchen.
Baking up the gluten free lasagna usually takes me about an hour.  I always make everything the day before if I can and then pull it out of the refrigerator the next day and finish baking it off.  Needless to say with all the garlic, Italian sausage and cheeses the whole house smelled wonderful!
And then there was dessert the gluten free Tiramisu.  Last year I made it with my own cake bottom however this year I thought I would try Schar gluten free lady fingers, I was disappointed with their flavor.  But the rest of the house loved it.  Next time I will definitely go with the old recipe and make my own cake. Gluten free Tiramisu is very easy to make.  I’ll be sure to upload the recipe to our recipe page.

Tyler lives on campus and next semester will be moving into an apartment.   So like us he enjoys his coffee first thing in the morning and always gets a travel cup ready for the walk to class.  Mark thought it would be a good idea to get him a one person Keurig coffee maker, that size seemed best as their rooms at school are not very big.   Needless to say Tyler loved it!
We got him Jamaican me crazy coffee cups and hot cocoa to start off with.   If you’ve never tried the Jamaican me crazy coffee by Wolfgang puck I highly recommend it.  Ashley a wonderful friend of mine and Ty’s got me hooked on this about a year ago.  Thanks Ash!
As we waited on the Lasagna to finish up in the over Tyler opened his gifts.  The picture above is him opening some Keurig cups.   He thought they were for him to use here at home at first because we also have a Keurig.  But as you can see below the excitement in his face when he opened up the Keurig unit that was for him well as they say a picture says a 1000 words!

Tyler opening his Keurig coffee maker

Tyler also received a cook book on gluten free cooking he has a great love of culinary and I thought he would enjoy having this in his own kitchen next semester. I am sure some great meals will be coming out of that kitchen!

So onto the meal, here is a picture of the gluten free lasagna that Ty loves along with some greens sorry there isn’t a picture of the gluten free garlic bread, very easy some udi bread with butter and garlic powder baked up in the oven till crispy brown.

Here is our spread for dessert and Ty’s birthday cake.  Fresh fruit with cream and Tiramisu along with some great coffee.

The birthday boy with all the dessert fixings!

Jenna and Mark get the birthday cake all ready to sing “Happy Birthday” to Ty.  Jenna wrote such a sweet note inside of his birthday card about how much she loves and misses him.  She’s too funny she also put a tissue with it in case he cried.  Oh My she cracks us up!

Ty getting ready to make that birthday wish!

Gluten Free Tiramisu

Enjoy All The Moments we Are Given!  They are truly a Gift!

All My Love,

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