"An Amazing Woman"



                        Catherine F. “Kitty” Williams

 Today I wanted to give honor to the life of my Aunt Kitty, Catherine Williams who left this world to be with her heavenly Father on Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Aunt Kitty was the last link I had to my Mother in saying that what I mean is that she was the closest to my Mother.   Her and Kitty were not only sisters but best friends and in many ways for me, Kitty reminded us of our moms love. 

I have wonderful memories of time spent with Aunt Kitty, she was an amazing women.  In life I can say we all have our favorite people, Kitty to me was definitely that person.  

She was always there with a kind word when you needed it and also a word of wisdom, strong wisdom when you needed to hear that to.  Kitty also had an amazing wittiness about her.  Anyone that met her saw that, actually one of the many things that I truly loved about my Aunt was how fast she could come up with that one liner, you know the kind we all wish we had ready to go in our back pockets. 

  Kitty loved family.  I can remember many visits from her and our cousins to our home in Minersville.  The house would always be filled with laughter.   Also there were the many visits to Harrisburg on Diary street to her home.  When my Uncle Ivor, we called him Uncle Soap,  was still alive we would take many walks him and I down by the train tracks with their dog, Hazel.  We would always find ourselves at Dunkin Donuts for a box of minis to bring back with us to share with everyone.  

When not at their home as I got older there would be phone calls she always called me Janie or she would answer with “Hey Girl!”  how are you and we’d talk for close to an hour.  

Aunt Kitty taught me allot about life and family.  Just how important it is to be present in both.   Love your family God put you together for a purpose.  And life,  enjoy the gift of it every day!  

I am going to miss my Aunt Kitty very much, she was a wonderful gift given to this world for 88 years.  But as much as I will miss her I think of the joy that Heaven is having right now as they celebrate one of their very own coming home to the opened arms and gigantic hugs of ones that have missed her dearly.   I see my mother Marie (Delaney) Laudeman sitting with Kitty and just chatting on and on and on..just like they always did and that just makes me smile!

 Aunt Kitty you were such an inspiration to us all and that will stay in our hearts forever.   What you planted there I pray that we will water it with nourishment and it will grow.   And one day, I will see you on the other side!

All My love,



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