Just Some Family Fun!

 Ok Mom, I have had enough of the picture taking!  Love, Jenna
Look at that face as they say a picture says a thousand words!

Jenna and her buddies getting ready to take the stage


Jenna and Nanny at Chrystal’s Dance Co. Christmas Recital.  Jenna danced to “Rocking around the Christmas Tree”  It was so cute!  She loves to dance and it shows!

Jenna and Zachary after the play at Church, great job and great sheep!!

This is our family on Christmas Eve, I think this was our 3rd maybe 4th attempt at a family photo!
So Lori, I posted both of them maybe you can photo shop between the two and get one really great one!!  Oh and Donny we got you covered, LOL!!!

Here’s one of our other attempts, liking this one better, Maybe because I took this one, Carly open your eyes 🙂

Mark and Jenna on Christmas morning

 Up at Barb and Brian’s.  
Tyler, CC and David just chilling on Christmas Day!

 My Sister, Kim
I love this picture of my sister and Jenna we had been waiting for so long to give Kim her special Christmas gift, it is a serving platter to go with the new set of  Blue Willow China that her children gave to her for Christmas.
Our Nana had the same set and Kim loved it as a young girl.  Needless to say my sister was so happy when she opened the gift, tears of joy you get the picture, love ya Sis!!

Mike and Chris Lindsay and Amanda’s boyfriends
Lindsay, Tyler and Jenna

 Later On at My Brothers…

 We always end here on Christmas day.  Seeing friends and family that we haven’t seen for some time.  Getting to hold baby Colt for a little while Brian and Jens newest addition.  He is just too cute and so is Cali their daughter.

Jenna loves getting to spend time with her cousins Cali, Jared and Emily the play room is pretty exciting!

George and his wife Sharon,  always make you feel so welcome at their home.

  This year Sharon gave me something special, small angels from my Mother’s Christmas collection.  They are very old and somewhat worn but so very special…my Mother passed away when I was 4 y.o. so needless to say it was a really special moment.

Lindsay and Amanda

 Here are two pictures of the praise band J2O at Christ Church McKeansburg.  They had been practicing for sometime and it showed.  They did an amazing job!  This was right before my nephew David left to go across the pond, England he will be studying abroad for 4 months, we will miss him!!  He did an amazing job on the sermon.
It was so awesome to have the older kids that were home from college in the band once again and CC joined the band with her guitar talents, amazing!!  Great job J2O.

Here is J2O from the other side, great job!

 The White Elephant Game Begins!

Lori opening up her gift from the Gulick Christmas party at Carolann’s

Jenna opening up a gift from the Gulick Christmas Party

 What do you have there Ty..Oh is that Checkers! and what is that Paco?   You can play an exciting game of Tic-Tac-Toe as well, WOW!
We play a white elephant game every Christmas where you pick a number and that is the order you get to choose your gift also you can take someone else gift we have a lot of fun.  Below is Tyler advertising his gift to make it sound exciting to anyone else.
The little ones get to keep their gifts,  however just till they get a bit older then they will be in the game like everyone else!!  Every gift is up for grabs!!

 Remember life is too short not to share with the ones you love and laugh at all those silly moments it’s good for the soul!
All My Love,

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