Christmas 2011 with Family…

Tyler and my nephew David last year at Christmas they were Santa’s helpers

Christmas is my favorite time of the year.  I love the time that is spent with my family, we seem to laugh much more when in each others company this time of season.  
Sure the weeks leading up to it can be stressful, if you let it, but I have learned (well I am learning) to go with the flow more.  To appreciate the moments we have and enjoy the blessings that come our way one day at a time.   Also to remember  just how important it is to be a blessing to someone else.  You never know what kind of day someone could be having and just that kind word, smile or simple action can make all the difference to that stranger.  Have you ever noticed when your having a bad day and someone that you don’t know does something kind for you, think about how it changes your whole day.
  So I say let’s be that kind person everyday, if we can.  
Some days we will be the one needing that smile from someone else, but be mindful of it this Christmas season.   It is a gift that doesn’t cost a thing but will mean so much to the person who receives it.

 What else do I love about Christmas?  I love that my children and husband are home and everyone is under one roof.  I love the laughter as we watch one of my favorite Christmas movies “The Christmas Story”  You’ll shoot your eye out!! Yes, you may say that’s such a goofy movie but what can I say, I love it and it just cracks me up!  
I always think of my brother George when I watch the part when the young boy gets his BB-gun I’m not exactly sure why.   I just know when he was a kid he loved his BB- gun, he loved to come to someones rescue with it just ask my sister Kim and cousins Brian, Allen and Judy about that.    It makes me laugh, he is such a great big brother, love that guy! 

Also I chuckle when I hear the stories from my husband and his sisters needless to say Mark wasn’t coming to their rescue with his BB-gun.  Either way boys will be boys. 

Then there is our cat Gilbert, who could forget Gilbert (who is a girl cat.)  Our Jenna used to love watching Caillou when she was younger.   She loved their cat Gilbert so much that she thought that our cat needed to be named Gilbert as well, so the name stuck.  

So speaking of the cat, oh the cat she loves Christmas herself, for other reasons than my own obviously.  She loves the Christmas tree in a much different way than I.  

She loves to run around and get wrapped up in our tree skirt, she loves to chase the lights and see how far she can rough- house the tree and make it sway from one side to the other without knocking it to the ground.   How many of you have this same scenario happening in your home right now?   It is a daily routine here at our home and usually follows with someone screaming “Gilbert, get away from that tree!” (that’s usually me) or my husband Mark, “That crazy cat!”  Gilbert certainly can entertain herself for hours as she does us as well.   Sometimes you just have to laugh. 

While we get closer, Christmas Eve is such a magical time in our little town it seems to get much slower and so quiet that night,  I love when it snows just enough to give a coating on the ground it looks so beautiful.  

I love going to church and the candlelight service is breath taking.  The smiling faces of everyone there and the gentle hugs that come with those smiles.    It is just an amazing reminder once again of what Christmas is truly all about. 

Our family usually go to Marks Aunt Carolann’s house for snacks afterwards it’s a special time before the morning of Christmas truly comes into bloom.

 Christmas morning to me is like a giant hug.  I love when everyone is in their pajamas opening gifts, wrapping paper flying everywhere and I just sit back drink my coffee and watch with wonder while everyone examines their new toys with enjoyment.  The smiles, laughter and excitement fill the room, it’s like nothing else the rest of the year. The smell of the Gluten Free egg,ham and cheese casserole baking away in the oven starts to seep in from the kitchen, it’s at that time that I think to myself about how truly blessed I am and that I have much to be thankful for.

And that leads me to the most important thing I love about Christmas. 

That a simple person like myself could be given the most precious gift that was ever given to mankind all those years ago.   Our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, who left his heavenly home to come to Earth to save us and give his life so we may have eternal life, wow he did that for me?  Yes, and he did that for you.  

So next time your having a stressful day this Christmas season remember that babe of Bethlehem all those years ago and smile when that shopper grumbles past you.   Remember that simple smile could remind someone that there is something so much better and it starts in our hearts.
Merry Christmas All My Love,


Jenna, Carly, Zachary and Talia



Jenna isn’t she so sweet!

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