"Gotcha Day"

Today is our families “Gotcha Day”  it was on this day December 5, 2005 that our family changed forever.
It began with lots of prayer,  mountains of paperwork, waiting for approvals, getting the approvals and waiting!  The waiting was the most difficult part 16 months from start to finish but it was in God’s timing not ours and that is always perfect.

I will never forget standing in that room in China with 14 other wonderful families waiting for our children to arrive and then hearing the buzz of they are hear! Oh the joy that I felt in my heart, she is finally here..oh I can’t wait to hold her, I thought to myself.  Mark stepped out into the hallway quick to get a glance at what was going on and video tape them coming down the hallway.

Once they started calling our names and asking us to come forward to embrace our children for the first time it was amazing.
Mommy’s and Daddy’s were called alphabetically so we were the last to hold our beautiful Jenna it felt like an eternity but it was awesome and so worth being last because we were able to video tape everyone of our dear friends receiving their beautiful children.
Each of these amazing families holds such a special place in our hearts and we love them dearly and are so thankful that we share this very special memory together.

So to our  dear Jenna, we love you more than anyone could ever measure, God has blessed us beyond our wildest imaginations you make us laugh and smile so much every day and we look forward to sharing in many, many more “Happy Gotcha Days!”  We Love You Sweetie Pie  All our love, Mom, Dad,Tyler and Gilbert!

“Gotcha Day”  2005
Jenna loves to write notes to everyone

You never know when God puts something on your heart how far it will go or who it will touch.  We never knew on our original Gotcha day how Jenna would touch our lives but as you can see to the left that she has touched so many other lives.  This is a picture of T.A.G. the youth group that my husband Mark is Youth Pastor of it is filled with amazing young kids and awesome Youth Leaders…we are so very blessed to be a part of their lives.

Nanny and Pop-pop hold Jenna for the first time

  So next time when God whispers into your ear stop and listen to what he is calling you to do, you may be in for the most amazing journey of your life!

Jenna, my niece Lindsay, My sister Kim, Me and my niece Amanda

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