Greetings from Near and Far!!

Hi Everyone!  It is so nice to know that friends from near and far are checking into our blog.
I love the mix of comments on Facebook please feel free to post your comments here as well I would love to answer any questions I can and to see your suggestions! 

A gluten free diet has many benefits to people with or without an allergy.  
It is very helpful if you have digestive problems as gluten is very difficult to digest, also it may benefit your cholesterol level and energy.  And in cooking we tend to use healthier ingredients so it can become a very win – win situation.

Onto something new I think I will try black rice and black rice flour.  It sounds very interesting to me and the claim of having a nutty flavor well  I am already thinking of a creamy mushroom sauce poured over roasted chicken, Yummo!!  Thank you Robin!

I was asked this morning by someone about eating out with a friend that has a gluten allergy,when you yourself are not a Celiac or eat gluten free, first off I have to say how thoughtful to go the extra step to make sure that their friend is taken care of when dinning out! Kudos to you, your an awesome friend!! 
The first thing I do when venturing out somewhere new is check them out online to see if they have a gluten free menu and also to see what others have posted about their restaurant as far as eating there on a gluten free diet word of mouth always trumps any kind of advertisement!
Give their restaurant a call and talk to the manager let them know that you have a gluten allergy and would like to know what they have available to eat, I have already gone back to the kitchens and talked to the chefs don’t be afraid to be your own advocate.   Also when dining out for example to a Hibachi restaurant bring your own soy sauce that is gluten free, most soy sauces have gluten in them Kikkoman soy sauce has a gluten free one and another favorite sauce is organic Tamari you can find these in health food stores, Healthy Habits in Orwigsburg is a good one and if you talk to anyone that works there they are always so helpful and happy to help you, if your not in the Orwigsburg area just let the person know that works there that you are looking for the gluten free version if I had to pick between the two I would pick the Tamari it just has a much better flavor to me.
Also when eating out again let’s say at a Hibachi restaurant always make sure they clean the surface in front of you because the prior dish that was made may have had gluten in it and there could be a cross contamination onto your dish and that would make someone with a gluten allergy very sick if that were to happen … it would be best if the chef used a clean pan you know how in Tattoo places they have to open the needles and inks in front of you well just ask for a new clean pan again just ask be your own advocate it’s ok!  I know of people who have taken their own gluten free pasta into a restaurant for their meal, I feel if the restaurant really wants you to enjoy your dining experience and make it a good one they will be happy to help you why not?

I hope this post helped and encouraged you this morning as always post your comments and ask away!!  And make today a good one, The Lord has made it!!
All My Love,


Thanksgiving 2011

Tyler Making Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread Pudding For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving this year was so nice.  My son was home from college and we had time to spend as a family cooking in our kitchen, my daughter Jenna who is 6 years old loves to cook as well.  As Mom I love to cook with my kiddos in our kitchen.  We made gluten free pumpkin bread pudding, gluten free orange glaze cookies and gluten free stuffing.  Sorry I only have pictures of the cookies, but will have pictures to go with the recipe page!
With our goodies we packed up the car and headed over to my Mother and Father in-laws home where the whole family gathered for Thanksgiving, in total there were probably 35 of us.


                                                         Orange Glaze Cookies

My Sweetie Pie with Her Cookies
My sister in-law is also a Celiac and was so very
happy to see the goodies we brought along!
Lisa is single and is new to gluten free cooking we love to share with her when we can.

1 thought on “Greetings from Near and Far!!

  1. I have tried black rice and it is awesome! It is such a neat dish to make with children. Jenna was amazed by it's color you have to soak it for about 1-2 hours before cooking it some people suggest soaking it overnight two hours worked fine for me you cook it around 40 minutes and check the water once in a while as this rice seems to absorb liquids quickly. Back to this rice, the neatest thing happens while you soak it, the water turns this awesome deep purple and the taste is very good. Jenna was just thrilled with the color purple anyone that knows our Jenna knows that purple is her favorite color! I made it yesterday with a gluten free mushroom sauce and roasted chicken with smoked paprika…mmmmm I think I will be having left overs for lunch today anyone want to join me 🙂 Have an awesome day!!All My Love,Jane

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